1. How can I find a property that is for sale in the park?
Realtors in Heber Overgaard are available to assist you in finding lots or houses for sale in Pinecrest Lake RV Resort.

2. Do you own your individual lot?
Yes, all lots are owned by the individual purchaser.  There is no monthly lot rent but HOA dues apply.

3. Do you rent RV spaces?
As stated above, all lots are privately owned; the HOA has no role in arranging lot rentals.

4. How does the HOA operate?
The Pinecrest Lake Property Owners Association has a volunteer Board of Directors that are elected by lot owners.  The Board sets the dues amount each year and payments are handled through our property management company.

5. Is the park open year-round?
Yes.  We employ a caretaker who resides onsite and is responsible for maintaining the common area facilities and grounds.  However, the office, clubhouse and laundry facility are only open seasonally, typically from mid-April through mid-October.